Get to know the founder
I am Oleg Sidorkin - the founder of GoalProfit. I am an engineer and developer of an analytical platform which is 10x faster than any that had existed before.
What we do?
We help retailers to boost Profits using the best in class analytical platform. That's our name, mission and passion.
Who's on the team?
We have engineers, consultants, pricing experts with 10+ years of price optimisation experience.
    Why is it important to make the switch to Goalprofit?
    The retail world was heavily impacted! Sales will go down .. E-commerce is growing.. are you for price war which will hurt your profits?
    How can we offer such a competitive price?
    We believe that You are unique and our analytical platform will allow to build your own personal user experience.
    Why does our solution just make sense?
    Ok. You are a category manager for fresh and we will configure the pricing tool for you. You are pricing analyst in auto parts business. Super you will see metrics and recommendations relevant for you.
    Do you have the pricing down to a science?
    Oh Yes! Elasticity, cross-elasticity with competitors, cannibalizations, share models, markdowns and promotions... All these calculations are available and easy to check.
    You should be expensive.. ?
    ...much cheaper than any enterprise solution. from $60k to $240k per year. Everything is included.
    Where are you based?
    C'mon..You really want to pay for the office, cookies and coffee for us? We prefer you to increase profits instead. We're remote ninjas.
    How secure is the system?
    Physical locations are not guaranteed to secure your data.. We keep customer data in a T1 Cloud infrastructure fully encrypted. If you're still worried, we put the solution behind your own firewall.
    How do I reach you?
    The easiest way is to chat with me using our company whatsapp, telegram, facebook or our the convenient chat on this website.
    How do I get started?
    Send us a message! After we will set up a diagnostic of your current business and data. This will highlight where you lose money for free. As soon as we build a relationship of trust, we will discuss further options for getting you ready to reach your profit goals.
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