Higher Profits

SaaS-based price optimization software to help mid-market retailers gain better insight into inventory performance and customer buying behaviors.

Managing prices can be hectic

You rely on gut feeling and spreadsheets

Seems intuitive enough and we're sure you've done your research but think about how much profit you're missing out on due to information not collected from competitors' price changes?
Fantastic! You follow competitors and maintain gross margin but this has a blind spot when it comes to account specific customer behavior in a particular location.

You have a special Price management Software

You run sophisticated Price optimisation software

Congratulations! Your capabilities are extensive! Now calculate how much time and effort you spend to manage this particular system. If you feel that it is too complex, too slow, and too expensive, we welcome you to GoalProfit.

How GoalProfit works

Connect to your real Data
We get POS and inventory data with ready-to-use APIs
Highlight Opportunities
We setup a pricing strategy and highlight price optimization opportunities
Recommend Optimal price
You get recommendations to choose from and track how your profits and revenues are growing


Proven benefits from many cases in all industries

Markdown Optimization

Markdown optimization is likely give you 5-8% of better sell thru ratio and save from 2-4% of margins.

Price Optimization

Dynamic Pricing Optimisation will bring elevated profits ranging from 3-5% depending on the level of pricing maturity you're currently at.

What GoalProfit Looks like

Why GoalProfit is different?

No setup approach
Ready to use. No implementation, training, development, or configurations.
Free diagnostics
Before you accept any recommendations you will see where you lose money in your current strategy
Fully automated
Daily price and markdown updates with no humans present. Your personal AI Pricing analyst is always on the lookout.
Low cost
You get enterprise-level software for 5x times less cost than competitors. Our mission is to bring AI price management to any size company.
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Our customer support and account management teams provide the best service in the industry
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