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Category managers & Pricing analysts challenges

She lacks the capability to always be competitively priced and drive sales, profit and customer loyalty
Can't react quickly to competitor price changes

Difficult to maintain competitive prices for all products due to size of online assortment

Lack of insights to help inform price decisions

Unable to coordinate online and store prices

Spends more time tracking prices than developing winning price strategies

Data Analytics Platform

Eliminates data silos and auto-switches related data together using AutoML. Identify, integrate and cleanse in an automated fashion, helping gain rapid value from your data in days not months.
Blazing fast
Linearly scalable
Hardware efficient
Highly reliable

Personalized interfaces

The low code approach allows us to build a customized user interface that 100% fits your current business process with all relevant metrics and graphics.

Predictive and Prescriptive insights driven by data science

Self learning models (Auto-ML) with built in features (elasticity, base demand, seasonality, weekdays, holidays, local trends and inflation)
Model Quality monitoring
Fast optimization (PyTorch)
Neural Networks to improve demand forecasting
Open modelling

GoalProfit Platform capabilities

Execute real-time, intra-day and online pricing recommendations at scale and speed.
Maintain competitive position, protect margin, adhere to product relationships and other pricing policies.
Apply price sensitivities to determine reaction to competitor changes and market fluctuations.
Intuitive dynamic pricing system, designed for and with pricing analysts, category managers and merchandisers.
Tailored responses to make more intelligent pricing decisions.
Use data and insights from physical stores to influence and price confidently online.
Coordinate prices across channels to maximize sales, profit and customer loyalty.
Incorporate data from 3rd party price intelligence providers.

GoalProfit Platform features

Data management. Obtain, process, clean all needed customer data (POS, Products, Stores, Inventories, Prices, Costs, Competitors etc.). Built-in data health monitor alerts on data problems.
Pricing rules. 15+ fully configurable pricing rules which can meet any pricing strategy. (gross margin, competitor, zone, cross-zone, line groups etc.)
Price approval process. Price change analysis. Approve, reject, override recommended prices. Collaborative approval pricing process between pricing analysts and category managers.
Reports & Dashboards. More than 200 metrics are available out of the box (sales, margins, sell-thru, price index, etc.) but users can configure reports by themselves. Report on any aggregation level (SKU – Store – Day). All data is available in real-time.


Increase revenue by 5%
Save up to 50% hours spent on pricing
For example, consider chain X with a turnover of $ 0.5 billion and a gross income of 20%. By raising your gross income by 5%, you can get an additional 5 million dollars a year. With a total cost of implementation of $200 thousand per year.
Improve gross margin by 10%
Get full visibility on business performance
* Based on data in similar projects for price optimization
Financial justification
Why GP?
Low cost
GoalProfit Platform is designed to help make all critical business decisions. We build tailored-made intelligence solutions with a low cost of maintenance for consumer business. Our mission is to democratize big data, make it affordable for the 99%
Blazing fast processing of massive amounts of data. Our Data Management System allows you to generate analytical reports in real-time. It is 100-1000x faster than traditional approaches. Within seconds, uncover insights from billions of records in real-time
An embedded data science engine provides actionable insights and recommendations. Recieve optimized prices, promotions, assortments, and markdowns.
Business intelligence is available out of the box. Build your dashboards and reports on the fly to have a 360-degree view of your business performance.
Easy to use
Low-code development platform provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.

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