Anomaly Detection

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. In today’s AI-driven world, essentially all business activity is measurable. So, any company keen on improving a stronghold needs a BI tool that quickly deciphers performance-data patterns to make and implement data-informed strategy decisions.

Rising fast to this opportunity in business intelligence technology is Anomaly Detection: a real-time monitoring automation tool that analyzes an organization’s performance and behavior data, to identify threats, opportunities, items or events that do not conform to an expected pattern.
Anomaly Detection is praised, by Forbes and others, as one of the most underrated BI tools, and here are THREE major ways it finds problems in business;

1. Automatically Detects Security Threats

Cybersecurity is a big deal. As it stands, hacker attacks take place every 39 seconds, with the global average cost of a breach valued at $3.9 million. The financial cost of recovery, let alone exposure to rampant cyber-attacks, could potentially sink an SMB.
Anomaly-based detection systems, run constantly in the background to detect security flaws. That way, any uncommon network traffic or irregular user activity gets immediately red-flagged.

2. Automated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis

For most businesses, KPI data drives decision strategy. At various levels of a company’s activities, the assorted KPIs are combed over, and analyzed. However, even with digital dashboards available, for businesses with a lot of data, KPI analysis can be an arduous task.
But, with an anomaly detection system, whose AI algorithms are always scanning and analyzing through data across all dashboards. Meaning unusual KPI behavior – good or bad – is conveyed to users in real-time.

3. Boosts Organic Results

For businesses looking to capitalize on the search term and content opportunities by optimizing their web content for search engines, an AI-driven approach is non-negotiable.
Anomaly Detection system AI, for instance, can be used to discover the search terms and topics driving traffic to your website, or away. Such BI data tools can positively inform content decisions that affect search engine listings, like title tags and metadata descriptions. If done right, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate.
Lastly, as a bonus, Anomaly Detection is a simple to implement and use tool. Its easy-to-read dashboards and instantaneous integrations features make Anomaly Detection a worthwhile business consideration.

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